Monday, March 1, 2010


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beginning of Spring 2010

So it's that time of year again... school has started back up. Classes are going to be decent this semester... i'm taking a few hard courses but i should be able to pull through just fine. Schedule is as follows:

In other news we're taking off to Garland this weekend to help lead a Disciple Now for FBC Garland. We did this last year and i get to lead the same guys i led last year so thats an awesome opportunity for me and the kids. They're now 8th graders so it should e an interesting trip. :) Here's us last year with a banner we made... i think it's a verse printed on there. Keep us in your prayers this weekend!

And here is a list of things going on... in one sentence apiece:

Intramural sports start up soon with basketball starting on the 25th.

It's 4 days since me and spencer moved back in with corey and ryan. He's got two parking tickets already.

I'm in Crusader Knights this year. It's a man pageant.

I haven't missed class at all this year!

My mouth has completely healed from my tooth removal.

UMHB Basketball beat #10 Mississippi College by 30 the other night.

Last night they beat #11 Concorida by 1. At the buzzer. At home. Legit.

Lane Kiffin is a sellout.

I'm done with class by noon everyday.

Cowboys game. Sunday at noon.

30 Seconds to Mars - Kings and Queens. BRILLIANT.

Its a blessing having ESPN back on the tv.

In 4 days, me and ashton have been dating for 6 months.

Mom, i didn't buy any frozen pizzas this time around. But i probably should of. Cuz im craving one right now.

The End. Finis. No mas.

-Andy Pipes & Associates.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So I haven't updated in a while so i figured what a better time to do it than when i'm at work!?!?! :) So here's whats been happening in my life here at the University of Mary Hardin - Baylor since August 24th. :)

To start things off, I got a new job this semester at Campus Rec! I love it because it involves sports, my best friends, and wearing whatever i want to work. :) Flag football season just ended and soccer and indoor volleyball just began. My best friend Spencer and my really good friends Jason and Levi work with me. Our good friend Kelsey is the Intramural Coordinator. She's a junior... and I want her job when she graduates... ie. I suck up and do anything her or Sue (Kelsey's boss) tell me too. Plus i get paid for everything i work. :)

Classes are going GREAT!!! My favorite is strangely Financial Accounting. It's actually not as hard as it looks!!! And the prof is a great guy who works with us and is making sure we learn the things we need to learn. Here's the schedule for this semester... even though it's about 9/17ths over with. :)

Being in an apartment and having a semi-constant flow of income has allowed me to learn how to buy and save my money a lot better than relying-on-the-rents Andy. I got an account at Chase, save with coupons and sales, and limit myself to 3 movies a month. :) But every now and then i do impulse buy and this little guy has got to be my greatest buy yet this semester. :)

UMHB inaugurated it's newest president, Randy O'Rear! We went even though we WEREN'T REQUIRED TO GO. :) Such dedication... And its not everyday you get to see a university president inaugurated. :) And being a Sophomore... you already know... it's Sophomore Bell time... :)

Oh yeah, I'm still with my gf, Ashton. :)

I wonder why she puts up with me most of the time... :) Lol...

So that's whats up in my world! Registration for Spring 2010 starts tomorrow so i'll be updating with a copy of next semesters schedule. :) Mom, Dad, the GPA is at a commanding 3.65. No worries about that scholarship ;) Miss everyone and i'll be back in the 817/972 next weekend for Jesse's 13th! See ya'll then...


Monday, August 24, 2009

The Apartment.

So we're finally all moved into the apartment...

Mine and Corey's room!!!! :)

Our bathroom...

Laundry room...

Living room... with Ryan's head.... :)

The kitchen and Corey. :)

We've been cooking and yes, i even vacuumed Mom... :) The surround sound was finished just a few minutes ago without many holes in the wall. My classes are great, i'm done by noon every day... and loving it. :) I start work tomorrow and plan on having a GREAT semester... :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Like Coming Home...

Ahhhhh, home sweet home...

My move in is August 16th, Welcome week training is the 17th, and the 18th I become the proud uncle of 20+ freshmen... :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

That's the way we get down... in a Hicktown.

Ashton came to visit this past weekend so we traveled up to the Ballpark to watch my 19th and 20th games of the season, both against the Minnesota Twins. (We lost both games, 3-1 and 6-2) Friday night was a fireworks show...

Section 208, Row 11, Seats 8 & 9

And Saturday was the Casey Donahew Band concert after the game. We also met a few friends from school and got tickets with them... Nick and Colton if you were at the Fourth... as well as a few others... :)

Section 321, Row 10, Seats 12, 13, 14, & 15

And hailing from Burleson, Texas.... Live at the Ballpark in Arlington.... The Casey Donahew Band!!!

It was a GREAT weekend, had a blast... Madison, Dalton, and Brighton were also in this weekend... and we got to hang out and play with them as well. Ashton also took pictures with every kind of livestock we saw. :)

That's the way we get down... in a Hicktown. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm A Working Man...

This is what I do. :) I love it. That is all.